Everyone And No One

by Channel 13

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You always cast the 1st stone, can’t rely on yourself, you can’t see where its leading– ain’t no one meaningless Say good morning to the sunshine, say goodnight to the rain, you can piss & moan till you do it again. All your faces make me wanna cry, when you look inside, you begin to die, ah oh ah oh ah ah You can’t see them & you can’t be them you know where you’re going but you don’t know where you been Oww & now you can’t come back
Burn it Down 03:44
Spent my money, took my car, outta gas so you didn’t get far, and laid it out all on the line. All of your bridges behind. Watch out, watch out. They’re burning down. & you know there’s still time to right all your wrongs, do it right & you’ll find, you’ll come through it whole. Head down on the railroad track, in a murder, suicide pact. Train didn’t run now you can’t go back. Slow down; slow down…you’re burning…out. Don’t give into darkness, though the pull is strong, if you do the right thing, then you can’t go wrong. But you drank some vodka, & drove into town. You just won’t be happy, till you burn it down.
Used Up 03:20
My soul is all used up, I can’t take it no more – where do you get off walkin’ out that door? Used up, torn down, I been kicked around, been bloodied, been bruised, I’ve been used….used up! My heart, is all used up, it don’t pump no more. It’s been walked all over, ground into the floor. Used up! Torn up, burned out, I’m living in doubt. Lied to, refused, I’ve been abused. Used up! I need a resurrection, to make me whole, to breathe some new life into my soul. I wonder where I’ll find it, I know it isn’t here. Jesus, help me, help me conquer my fear. It ain’t no secret, the way I’m feeling, I don’t like being used up.
I Went to the doctor, could not sleep, I prayed the lord my soul to keep. He gave me some medicine, it was strong. It’s all right, but it’s all wrong. I woke up on fire I went to the mountain, it was high, that’s okay coz so was I. I took the medicine, as prescribed. I barely made it out alive. I woke up on fire I went to the devil, looked in his eyes, I said him I don’t believe your lies. He said that’s okay boy, many people do. I’ll still get them even if I don’t get you. I woke up on fire.
I’m steady, I’m strong, I’m ready, to be wrong. I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m peaceful, I’m mad. Am I who I am? I don’t, I don’t give a damn. I’m healthy, I’m sick. I’m crazy. Take your pick. I’m starting over, from the beginning. Like Charlie Sheen says, I’m winning. Am I who I am? I don’t give a damn. Ask yourself the same question,...you might understand. I’m gentle, I’m tough. Like a baby, I’m rough. I need attention, leave me alone. I feel at home in a crowd. On my own. Am I who I am, help me understand. I just want to know my life, isn’t just a scam.
Feel the night come crashing down. Tell your soul get outta' town. You got yourself in a fix. Love & Whiskey do not mix. All your life you've been so good. You've done everything you should. You told a lie, now it's come back. A derailed train come off the track, yeah. Your life is Jacked! Love and whiskey, no friends of mine, a good idea at the time. Fat dumb & happy, you think you're fine. It creeps up on you from behind. You cannot undo what you are. You've made a wish on a bad star. Bit, it'll all be over soon. So, contemplate the super moon, yeah. Love and whiskey, no friends of mine, a good idea at the time. Fat dumb & happy, you think you're fine. It creeps up on you every time.
Here I Am 04:58
Out in the streets where you made your bones, dead on your feet & always alone. You scratched & you clawed your way to the top, & now that you’re there nobody can stop you. & here I am, nowhere to hide, in a world, filled with lies. You can’t erase the mistakes of the past – nothing you've created is built to last. None of your people are behind your back, coz if they were you know that’s where they’d stab you. Here I am, out of my mind. Leaving this mess behind…& here I am, down to the bone, soul laid bare, rendered blind.
All Tied Up 04:03
Tied up, can’t get to the phone. Whatchu doing sitting all alone? People talking it just ain’t right, being lonely on a Friday night. But who cares what the people say? I wanna touch you but you’re far away. So move in closer, won’t do no harm, I need ya body to keep me warm. But now I’m tired of playing games, I’m like a moth & you’re like a flame, I fly too close & then I get burned, I guess I’ll never ever learn.
I wanna know, I wanna know, you’re gonna tell me. I wanna know, I wanna see, I wanna see, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. You wanna be with me? You wanna be with me? You know where I come from, I know where you come from. If you really loved you would punch me in the face. I heard you were a punk rock girl I just wanna get a taste. So now you know, so now you know, that’s how I roll, I’m rollin’ deep, yeah. Don’t go to sleep now. I wanna rock you, I wanna shock you. It’s time to meet your maker, operators are standin’ by. If we’re lucky it could get messy & last all night. Aaaaah, aaaaaaha. They’re playing our song, it’s like a punk rock lullaby, it’s like a punk rock lullaby.
I want to walk along with you until the day is dawning. All the times you have seen the darkness of the man you don’t know. Oh no you can’t tell me you want to, can’t pull yourself through oh no no no. making your way to understand the feeling’s there inside your head – your hands, your hands, all hands…on me. You can’t deny it for too long. You can lie to yourself 1 more time, you can tell the truth & be strong. I want to watch you when you’re sleeping yeah. I wanna see you but you’re never there. In time you’ll find that I no longer care. Till then, my friend, this is the end. I’ve spent too much time on this song. You can cry yourself to sleep at night, but that won’t help you for too long.
On My Mind 03:45
Conversations, going nowhere. Play to, play to your enemy. Tell him what you want. If you have to be right all the time, why you want to weigh on my mind? Why you want to prey on my mind, why you want to play on my mind? One eye can see but the other is blind, why you want to play on my mind? You can decide how your time is spent, you can waste all of it without lament. One foot goes forward & one’s left behind. Why you want to stay on my mind? Why do you want to play on my mind? All of your feelings, all of the time? Why you want to stay on my mind? Trying to get back what you miss the most, you always look like you’ve just seen a ghost. One more reminder that you’ve been unkind, why you want to weigh on my mind? One hand is free but the other is tied. Why must you always weigh on my mind? Conversations.
Let You Down 02:38
Feeling something, maybe it’s nothing but I’ll just let you down well you want me to be everything to you, I wanna be there but I won’t be around. Been that way since I was born & I ain’t changing now. When I’m with you, I still miss you but my feet don’t touch the ground. I won’t let you down.


This is part 1 of 3 albums worth of songs I've recorded in around the last year and a half.


released February 10, 2016

Written, performed & produced by Todd Hendricks


all rights reserved



Channel 13 Dallas, Texas

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